We are only fulfilling orders for customers in Oklahoma at this time. We are small, part-time crafters. Orders are filled within 8-10 days based on demand or a refund is issued.

Fragrance Profiles


"We have endeavored to offer a wide palette for our customers to choose between, from deep and dark to bright and calming. We are constantly working to offer variety." 

Bourbon Tobacco: The aroma of bourbon and fresh leaf tobacco with notes of musk and sandalwood. 

Bourbon & Vanilla: The sultry and mesmerizing aroma of bourbon & sweet vanilla.

Bricktown: Named after the entertainment district in OKC, this is a tantalizing blend of sweet green-leaf tobacco balanced with subtle floral notes. 

Calming Citrus: A calm and uplifting blend of citrus notes and tea tree to brighten any mood. Great for morning and evening use. 

Cherry Tobacco: The aroma of pipe tobacco and ripe black cherries. 

Dream Catcher: Bright notes of willow, magnolia, and white musk makes this a calming, uplifting, and vibrant fragrance. A tribute to the Native American heritage of Oklahoma.

Great Plains: Capturing the essence of our region with notes of lemongrass, lime, oakmoss, patchouli, and white oak. 

Jasmine & Patchouli: The perfect yin-yang combination of botanical bliss. If you like Patchouli and Rose, you will love this twist. Jasmine is a beautiful and calming floral fragrance.

"We offer both evening and daytime fragrances for your beard care routine."

Mahogany: The aroma of mahogany with notes of tonka beans, green apple, pear, and banana. 

Morning Mint: Just what you need to start your day, a refreshing peppermint fragrance.

Night Light: A relaxing combination of ginger and grapefruit to enhance your evening beard care routine. 

1907: This is an intriguing blend of musk, sandalwood, bergamot, lavender, grapefruit, black pepper, cedar, and cherry. Named after the year of statehood for Oklahoma.

Oakmoss: The aroma of oakmoss with notes of lavender, amber, orange, sage and sandalwood. 

Patchouli & Mint: A refreshing blend of earthy patchouli with garden fresh peppermint.

Red Velvet: The aroma of rich dark chocolate with floral notes. 

Sandalwood & Vanilla: The classic rich and smoky aroma of sandalwood with sweet vanilla. 

Sunrise Orange: The aroma of a freshly squeezed orange and subtle floral notes. A great fragrance to brighten your day.

Teakwood: The aroma of teakwood with notes of ginger, sandalwood, tonka beans, amber, and black pepper. 

Urban Cowboy: The aroma of old leather with notes of teakwood and green apple.

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